The Smile

The Smile

THE SMILE:  This is Bintou, a Touareg girl from the village of Tchinwagari in Niger.  She was and continues to be a major inspiration for our work with @ammanimman. Before we helped build a borehole in her community, her family spent hours a day pulling water from the 600 foot deep well of the village.

When the well ran dry, they walked over 30 miles a day looking for water.  One day, as I was fetching water from the village’s well (occasionally it has water, most of the time it is dry), my wrap fell off in front of many of the men of the community. I think that incident has become even more legendary than the fact that I got them their borehole built. Today, she has water nearby and children from her community can go to school instead of spending all their time looking for water.


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