HopeHOPE: Before I end my “Children of the Azawak” series to move on to my “Father’s Day” series, I want to thank everyone who has joined this journey of love for humanity, and in particular, these gorgeous children.  I hope that through their beauty, you have sensed their being, if only for a fraction of a second… that you have witnessed their dignity as much as their daily suffering.

Perhaps you have learned a few tidbits about their culture and universe, which is so drastically different from ours.  If, even for only a second, you felt connected to these children, and to their reality, then I have successfully created a link of friendship between their world and yours.  This gives me hope for them.  Real change will only be possible if the world gains a greater consciousness of their realities, and all the realities that extend across our extraordinary and diverse planet.

Photo: A young Fulani herder that I met as he was gathering water at marsh wells.  He had spent all day fetching water for his cattle, and helping dig new wells when old ones ran dry.  Despite his exhaustion, he had the energy to laugh with me.


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