Hadjara Imitating Indima Crying

aug 9.jpg

HADJARA IMITATING INDIMA CRYING: I hesitated to make a second post about Hadjara, but she is so hilarious, that I couldn’t help myself.  Before I took this photo, she grabbed Soryia’s superman cap off of his head and made a series of silly faces. Then, when Indima poked at Hadjara’s bowl of rice paste and ochre sauce, she happily began feeding her.  Indima gladly ate with this new grandmother figure.  At one point, one of the kids did something to annoy Indima, causing her to cry.  Hadjara attempted cajoling her.  Seeing how ineffective sympathy was, she began imitating Indima, crying wildly… so wildly in fact that Indima stopped crying immediately to stare in awe at the screaming old lady.


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