Amman Imman


I started the NGO Amman Imman after witnessing children in the Azawak of Niger walking all day long desperately searching for water.  Their survival became my mission.  Twelve years later, and Amman Imman has brought water to close to 100,000 people. 

Let us cover the Azawak, and the rest of Africa with wells and water so no child dies of thirst ever again!Gotchi and Satchi part 8

Amman Imman empowers and helps preserve Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engages students worldwide as socially conscious leaders. Through our Africa-based program, Oases of Life, we establish points of civilization that flourish, beginning with the construction of permanent water sources. Our programs emphasize the role of women and youth as a guiding force for societal stability, optimism, and resilience.


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